Healthy is beautiful

Unbelievable the comments you get from the people around you: you are too thin, you are too muscular, too fat. What really matters is that you are healthy and that you feel good.

Healthy is beautiful

“You put on weight!”, “You are too thin!”, “You are too muscular!” – People love to comment on my looks whatever their motivation is. “You put on weight!” would be a delighted exclamation of my mother who confuses muscles with fat which I think is cute. “You are all skin and bones” usually comes from girls who struggle with their own weight and then of course there are my friends who seriously worry because they think that I don’t eat anything. But I do, remember, I am the one who has never been on a diet ever.

I eat healthily, I drink only when partying or having dinner in good company, but mostly: I work out hard. My physique is the result of this lifestyle and honestly, I don’t care about what others think. No one needs to like my body except for myself . I feel fitter and better than ever, I love my muscles and I feel 100% like a woman.

“Strong is the new skinny” is in everyone’s mouth but the essential is that you are HEALTHY. If you take growth hormones, you may get incredibly strong but in my opinion, this is not healthy. Having said that, I know quite some women who are born models – they are skinny by nature. There used to be a girl called Annette in my high school class, her nickname was “spider” because she was very tall and thin. In admiration of my curves, she would always ask me what she should do in order to put on some weight. She was eating a lot but her metabolism was fast and since she was tall, her body shape would remain androgynous. I kept telling her that she was beautiful and that she should ignore other people’s comments. A couple of years later, Annette had become THE FACE of a famous Swiss shoe brand.

“Healthy is beautiful” is what I believe in. If you eat well and exercise regularly, you will most probably look at your best. Still, there is something beyond that. The reason that complete strangers stop me in the streets to tell me that I am beautiful is not my fit body hidden under a fluffy winter coat. It’s not my face or the color of my eyes neither, there are millions of prettier girls out there! What these people see when looking at me is the glow that comes from my self confidence, inner peace and happiness. I am always full of energy and I manage to find something positive in the worse situation. I don’t think I am special or wise or whatever. I am just aware of what I have – two gorgeous kids, two sisters and parents who love me, real friends, health, the best job ever, a high life quality standard and a home in a wonderful country. Life has been so good to me, how can I not be grateful and happy? I observe that happiness seems to be so difficult for men and women to achieve though. How many people can say that they are truly happy? Ask yourself: ARE YOU HAPPY?

I wish people could look at things the way I am. Everything gets so easy when you focus on the good. And when you think positive, good things will happen to you, that’s the law: Optimism is a happiness magnet. If your energy is good, good things and good people will be drawn to you. That is my philosophy of life. I strongly believe in it and it’s this conviction that makes me a strict opponent of all sort of dieting. How can someone who is on a diet be happy? He or she hates it and she will be unhappy. That’s why people should learn how delicious healthy food actually is and they should feel happiness when smelling coffee and eating omelette in the morning. They should also not go like “Uff, I need to go on that treadmill for an hour to burn 600 calories”, they should think: “Yess, today is leg day. I cannot wait to get that burn and feel my muscles grow!”

The reason I write this blog is to motivate people to do sports. They make up so many excuses to avoid exercise and in doing so deprive themselves from a very important tool to achieve happiness. Just give it a try, okay.