About Me

Fitness has been the most rewarding investment ever. I filled with infinite energy, became stronger and felt more beautiful than before.

I am fitter at the age of 44 than when I was 20 years old. I don’t have this transformation story from fat to fit that lots of fitness bloggers have. My parents were into sports; my mom used to give jazz dance lessons in our basement and my dad is still training at the gym three times a week. But as much as I enjoyed ballet in my childhood or lifting weights in the university’s sports facility, I was always only quite fit and never extremely fit.

Except for some lousy teenage years I spent with rushing to the bathroom first thing in the morning, trying to cover my pimples with a thick layer of make-up, I have always been quite self confident about my appearance. But when I gave birth to my son Noah, for the first time I understood what it means to feel fully connected to your body, to work with it and not against it. It has been the most amazing experience of my life to realise how strong and amazing the human body is.

After my second birth I was super thin because of nursing and running after my daughter Zoe who was a 3 years old toddler. I was back at the gym two weeks after delivering the baby and I was ready to hit it hard. I decided to work out with a personal trainer to find out if it would make any difference. And that not only worked great but also changed my life fundamentally. I put on several kilograms of muscle in less than two months. I loved my new look – I wasn’t skinny anymore, I was strong now.

After two years there was not much left I could learn from my trainer. I continued working out alone and graduated as a certified Personal Trainer from the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Meanwhile lots of people who wanted to change their eating habits and switch to an active lifestyle asked me how I had done it. This is how this blog was born. Lately V-Logging has become my new passion because I love to talk to the audience and it is so rewarding to read that followers have gotten back into shape and shed lots of weight by working out with my exercise videos.

I am glad you landed here and would like to welcome you warmly. I am confident that this blog will help you to achieve the results you want.

Yours sincerely, Doris


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