Fit with zero effort!

Little changes in your daily routines can make you so much fitter. Just try it.

Fit with zero effort!
Fit with zero effort!

Not everyone is crazy about sports, I know. While my endorphin rush starts while I am tying my laces, my friends huff and puff only thinking about the treadmill and the weights lined up waiting for them. But then everyone wants to be fit, right? So I thought I would come up with some simple tricks how people like this may get in shape without putting any effort into it. Of course, these are not new inventions or something. But they are practical ways of exercising without being aware of it. Do them all every day and you will notice the difference. So let’s get started!

  1. Speedwalk to the office or wherever you have to go to. Just walk faster.
  2. Instead of meeting with your friends in the local bar, take them playing frisbee, football or basketball in the nearby park.
  3. While waiting for someone, squeeze your ABS.
  4. Instead of taking the elevator, use the stairs. You will burn 25 calories in 3 minutes.
  5. Walk your dog 15 minutes longer than usual. And if you don’t have one, borrow the one from your neighbour – he will be so grateful, believe me.
  6. Fill two baskets to do your food shopping rather than the shopping cart.
  7. Wash you car or clean the house, that is a full body workout!
  8. Go clubbing and dance! Don’t drink alcohol for optimal results.