Break the fast the healthy way

You didn't eat all day and don't want to put on weight during the fasting month. Here is a sample order for you to stay healthy throughout this special period of the year.

Break the fast the healthy way

In the month of Ramadan, muslims stay abstinent from food and liquids from the crack of dawn until sunset. While a 10 percent drop in our body’s water suply will land us in the hospital, a mere 2% decrease can trigger signs of dehydration, including trouble concentrating and severe headaches. That is why you should break the fast by drinking lots of liquids.

WATER: Drink at least two cups of water before eating anything.

FRUITS: Breakfast with bread, full fat cheese and olives are heavy to digest. Have a piece of watermelon instead. It will quickly provide you with energy, essential nutrients and more water. Avoid citrus fruits as their high acidic content may upset your stomach.

SOUP: A vegetable soup will fuel your body with vitamins, minerals and fibres while being easy on the stomach. You may also opt for a chicken broth to load up on protein.

COMPLEX CARBS: Now it’s time for something more filling since you have gotten your system moving again with fruits and vegetables. You can eat sweet potatoe, quinoa or brown rice as complex carbs with salad and grilled fish or lean meat.

EGGS: If you are a vegetarian or if you don’t want to have meat or fish, eggs are a great alternative. They are easy to prepare and digest. Either just boil them or make an omelette but in both cases, use all the egg whites and only one yolk. The eggs will restock your body with hig-quality protein and all 9 essential amino acids.

YOGHURT: Yoghurt will help repopulate your digestive tract with good bacteria so that you can digest the food more easily. Make sure that you are using unsweetened diet Turkish yoghurt.

SAHUR: Eat porridge with banana. You may eat it with fresh blueberries or strawberries. The oatmeal will keep you full for long. You may drink it with unsweetened fresh peppermint leaves tea which tastes wonderful and is good for your digestion again.

NO SUGAR, NO SALT: Avoid fastfood, ready meals, salty and sweet drinks and desserts. They will dehydrate you and slow your metabolism down.

The ones who fasten will know what it means: Allah kabul etsin