Workout: Getting fit while watching TV

You can totally get fit while watching television.

Workout: Getting fit while watching TV

You can actually get fit while watching your favourite show, how cool ist that? And I am not talking about the cross trainer at your gym, I am talking about staying in the comfort of your home. Sit down on the couch, push away that bowl with the crackers and make your sofa your workout bench.

1) Sofa Dips



Sit on the edge of the couch, then lift your toes so you are balancing on your heels. Position your hands under your butt and lift your entire body off the seat of the couch. Lower your body along the front of the sofa to the floor and rise back up to a full arm extension.

2) Incline Push-Ups



This is the easier version of push-ups and a good method to work your way up to regular push-ups.  Get into the standard push-up position with your hands on the sofa, slightly wider than shoulder width. Now lower your chest to the edge of the platform by bending your arms until your nose almost touches the surface. Then push back up your straight body until your arms are extended. If this is too easy for you, you can do decline push-ups: place your feet on the couch and the hands on the floor and perform the same exercise.

3) Knee Tucks



Sit on the couch with your core tight and your back straight. Grab the bench with your hands and lean back while lifting your feet off the floor. Then you bring in your knees and squeeze those abs. You will feel your lower abdomen a lot, especially if you do the exercise slowly.

4) Hip Raises

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Lay down on the floor and place your feet about hip width apart on the couch. Now push through your heels and lift your hips up as much as you can but at least until your body is horizontal with the floor. Lower yourself back down to the starting position and repeat.