I am an addict!

Sports is an addiction like all the others, just healthy. If I cannot work out for let's say two weeks, I feel very down and depressed. What about you? Make the test!

I am an addict!
I am an addict!

There are those aha moments when you realize that you are not a normal person anymore. At least if your friends are not athletes and if you consider them as being normal. „Let’s have a girls night out!“ is a simple sentence, usually sparking lots of enthusiasm. But my first thought is: „I don’t want to drink alcohol!“ A person who is not into sports can probably not understand that your body simply rejects alcohol and fatty foods.

I am lucky to have friends who are fit themselves or feel perfectly comfortable to order their wine while I am having my sparkling water. Make the test and find out if you are a sports addict as well. Here are the points that have changed since I became a fitness addict:

ALCOHOL. I have to admit that I like to drink a glass of dry red wine now and then. I also enjoy a beautiful drink which has been prepared with fresh fruits. But I definitely don’t want to drink something which has been prepared with lots of sugar and syrup because I know it’s bad for me and I hate the taste.

RESTAURANTS. I don’t like eating out anymore. As a vegetarian sushi gets kind of boring after a while and if you want to eat healthily, all you can have is a salad. Even if it is topped with lots of grains and cheese, I will be hungry again an hour later.

FAST FOOD. I have many friends who crave french fries or hamburgers. I cannot stand it! Never wanted it, even when I was a kid. I don’t like pizza neither, unless we make it ourselves at home.

DESSERT. I do have a sweet tooth. I can eat up a whole cake by myself. But I almost always eat homemade desserts.

SLEEPING TIME. I go to bed at 11pm and I get up at 6:30 am. Of course there are times when I go to bed much later which is not killing me. But I will make sure I got to bed very early the following night.

NON-FAT COOKING. I use almost no oil for cooking. I even came up with a muffin recipe that doesn’t require butter, flour or sugar! I made it with Quinoa.

CHIA PUDDING. I know what Chia, Maca, Quinoa and hemp seeds are and actually cook and bake with them. I also have Stevia leaves at home , but didn’t use them so far. I usually sweeten my desserts with fruit.

NUTRITION LECTURES. I explain to my kids what proteins, carbs and fats are and what good they do in our bodies. 

LITTLE BLACK DRESS. I love to dress up and wear high heels, but I feel most sexy in my gym gear.

MY PRIORITIES. I am not the girl you will meet at the hairdresser’s unless I have a shooting. I get deadly bored and it seems like a waste of time to me. I prefer to do my pedicure myself quickly and hit the gym for that hour.

DEPRESSION. I am a very happy person who is in a good mood probably 360 days a year. But if I cannot work out, I become very unhappy.

LOVE THE PAIN. Some people complain that their muscles are sore and that it hurts. Well, I love the pain because it means that I have worked out well and that I am getting stronger.

BRUISES. My legs are usually covered with bruises from kickboxing. It doesn’t look that great in summer, but honestly I don’t care.