Oatmeal is so exciting!

Thank God I don't have any allergies because I am a huge fan of oatmeal. It tastes delicious and keeps you satisfied for so long.

Oatmeal is so exciting!
Oatmeal is so exciting!

If my tummy is rumbling and the fridge is empty, I never think of Mac Donald’s or Dominos. My solution is much faster because it is something that you can always throw together at home: OATMEAL. All you need is the grains, a little milk and some fruits. You instantly get a feel-good meal that will keep you going for hours.

There is a variety of oats to chose from. Never get the packets of instant oatmeal – they are loaded with sugar and high in sodium. Great oatmeal starts with plain rolled oats, cooked or soaked in a little water or milk (almond, soy, goat, cow, whatever you prefer) and topped with wholesome ingredients.

Oatmeal is also a great replacement for flour. I blend oats and use them for my healthy pan cakes or protein bars. Baked oats are also the base for my healthy cheesecake and the granola recipe. If you are a smoothie person, you may add a spoon full to your shake for extra energy.

Studies show that eating oatmeal may help lower cholesterol and the risk for type 2 diabetes. The soluble fibre in oatmeal absorbs a considerable amount of water which significantly slows down your digestive process. This means that you will feel full longer, so basically oatmeal can help you to control your weight. Oatmeal contains a wide array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and is a great source of complex carbohydrates.

But the main reason I love oatmeal is that it tastes absolutely delicious! Here are some ideas to make your oatmeal instantly more exciting!

Add fresh or frozen fruit. I use a mashed banana to sweeten my oats. You can cook the banana with the grains when preparing a porridge. A little fistful of frozen blueberries or raspberries adds flavour, but your mouth will also marvel over the inviting temperature and texture differential when you bite into each little berry.
Add dried fruit such as dates, cherries, plums or apricots. This is an other good way to sweeten your oats without adding artificial sugar.
Sprinkle chopped double roasted hazelnuts, almonds or walnuts on top of your oat bowl for an extra crisp.
Cinnamon tastes great with oats, in particular if you serve them with banana, peach or coconut.
Cook compote and stir it under your oatmeal for a fruity fiesta bowl.

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