Build muscle with Fast Food

Sometimes you are out in the streets and get really hungry but you don't want to eat something unhealthy. Here are good choices that will make you feel good.

Build muscle with Fast Food

Lunch time and all your friends want to have a quick bite around the corner. Fast food is the last thing you need since you are trying to eat healthy, but sometimes you simply don’t have an other option but to go with the flow, respectively your colleagues. Here is a guide to healthy fast food in Turkey which will actually help you build up muscle!

Chickpeas are 23 per cent protein which makes it a tasty and cheap alternative to meat. Chickpeas are also packed with potassium and insoluble fibre which makes them not only low fat and low calorie, but also great for digestive health.

Ask them to give you the meat and greens without the bun. You never exactly know what they stick on the skewer, but the traditional meat for kebab is lamb. There may also be beef, goat or chicken included which makes it a high protein food. Since the meat is roasted and usually comes with onions, tomatoes and bell peppers it is quite healthy.

You can find lentil balls in every corner of Istanbul. They are made with lentils and bulgur which makes them a great snack to eat on the go. They are an optimal lunch since you get carbohydrates and protein all in one. You may order the yoghurt drink ayran with it for an extra protein boost.

You can order scrambled eggs and a wholewheat simit for a healthy meal in this traditional Turkish bagel restaurant. Drink your tea sugar free and you will be just fine.

To eat healthy at MC Donald’s or Burger King is quite challenging. But if you order a double (beef) burger and eat just the meat with the tuna fish or feta cheese salad, you are on the safe side. Sparkling water is best, but once in a blue moon a small diet coke is fine too.

If you can avoid eating at Starbucks, you definitely should. If there is no way around it, the sandwich with smoked turkey seems to be the best choice. Have a cup with fresh fruit for dessert and order an americano coffee to take away. I know that they have chia pudding now. But first of all it is so tiny, there is no way you can feel satisfied and second, it is spiked with sugar. Sometimes you can get the meandmuesli oatmeal which is yummy, fulfilling and organic.