Why can't I lose weight?

So many followers ask me why they cannot lose weight (anymore). There is a couple of possible reasons.

Why can't I lose weight?
You started your new healthy lifestyle a couple of weeks ago and in the beginning you lost quite some weight. But recently that scale wouldn’t budge a tiny bit. You want to know why? Here are some possible explanations.

Do you skip breakfast?
When you get up in the morning, you should be hungry. Maybe not immediately but if you are awake since two hours not feeling any rumbling in your stomach, you probably ate way too much the night before. Eating breakfast should become one of your non-negotiable principles. Not only does your body need energy for a kick start in the day; your breakfast also determines how the rest of your day will go. Make sure you have good carbs, vitamins and protein in your first meal. Ideal breakfasts are muesli, chia-pudding with fresh fruit and omelette with veggies.

Are you drinking only water?
If not, chances are that you are consuming lots of calories through your beverages. Alcohol, soft drinks and fruit juices contain lots of sugar. Freshly pressed orange juice is promoted as being very healthy, but in the end of the day it’s water with lots of sugar and some vitamins. All the fibre has gone to the garbage whereas you are drinking the sugar of at least four oranges. Therefore I suggest you drink only water and eat the full fruit instead. You may also infuse your water with some slices of fresh fruit: Throw some raspberries and pieces of lime into your water bottle and enjoy the sugar free taste. Keep in mind that the only good alternative to water is herbal tea.

Are you on a wrong diet?
Whenever you decide to follow a new diet, you will see results in the first couple of days, maybe weeks. This is because you started eating less sugary and fatty. Your body is releasing all the water it has been retaining. But once all the liquids have been flushed out, it will get difficult to lose weight. Mainly if the diet you are on is based on a low calorie intake concept. Not eating enough may actually be the reason you pile on pounds because your body will try to get the necessary energy by having you go through hunger attacks. If that doesn’t work, he will go to starving mode which means your metabolism slows down. You burn less calories and whenever you eat something, the body stocks it as fat for the next starvation period. The right thing to do is to stop dieting and start eating healthy and balanced for the rest of your life.

Are you under lots of stress?
Research proves that stress is bad for our waistline. When we are under lots of pressure, we crave simple carbs because our body thinks we have used calories to deal with our stress, even though we haven’t. As a result, it thinks we need to replenish those calories, even though we don’t. When we are under pressure, our body produces the stress hormone cortisol. Increased cortisol levels help cause higher insulin levels, our blood sugar drops and we crave sugary, fatty foods. The solution is to work less and do yoga to relax.

Do you have a slow metabolism?
You may blame your genes partially for your slow metabolism. But way more significant is the percentage of your lean muscle mass. If you don’t have enough muscles, your body doesn’t burn as much energy as you would want him to. If you feel that your body fat percentage is too high, you should eat a protein rich diet and start working out. Bodyweight exercises paired with cardio will be the optimal combination to melt down fat and build up muscle.

Are you getting enough sleep?
You should sleep 7-8 hours a night. If you don’t, you will be tired and won’t feel like exercising the next day. It’s also proven that when you are tired you are making poor food choices, preferring unhealthy dishes over healthy ones. Sleep is the most important first step to a fit lifestyle. It doesn’t cost you anything – just go to bed early and try not to watch television or use any electronical devises just before you go to sleep. Make sure the room is fully dark and not too warm. These precautions will help you to have a good night’s sleep.