Somebody stop me!

'I wish I could...' is a sentence I hear so often by followers who think they are too old to start exercising. You are not, it is NEVER too late to start working out!

Somebody stop me!

The other day, a follower wrote a comment under my Kickbox picture saying that he envied me. I told him not to be jealous and take classes as well. He answered that he was too old for that. Mind you, he is definitely younger than me or using a very old profile picture! What do you mean by being too old?!


I had my first Kickbox lesson when I was 37 years old and honestly, it never occured to me that this was for teenagers only! Okay I am a grown-up and a mother of two kids, now does that mean that I shouldn’t have fun and excitement in my life anymore?

I only got started, someone stop me!

A couple of weeks ago I asked Zoe’s teacher to give me swimming lessons because it really sucks when you walk down the pier at the beach club and then – splassssh, you have jumped into the sea like a potato bag, secretely holding your nose so you wouldn’t swallow all that salty sea water. Sexy image ruined in two seconds!

Every Tuesday morning at 7:15 o’clock I am in the pool and listen to my teacher who tells me to „relax“. As if that was the easiest thing on earth! It’s defnitely not, especially for someone like me who panics in water. But after two lessons, I swam breaststroke with my head under water, feeling perfectly comfortable and very happy. Freestyle is much harder and we are working on it. But I have a couple of more weeks to learn Freestyle and the header until it’s summer.

Besides the fact that I have a great time discovering new things, my children think that I am ‚cool’. That’s all that matters to me. I’ll let you know when I start with something else.