Doris Hofer: My Tattoos

Every tattoos has a special meaning to me and so should do it to you.

Doris Hofer: My Tattoos

Tattoos are a way to make your body even more unique. Who ever has got inked knows how exciting it is to get one, how tempted you are to have an other one and mostly, how difficult it is to find a talented artist you can trust. I truly cannot understand those people who go on a holiday and decide to get a dolphin or some tribal they have chosen from a scuffed folder after having gotten slightly drunk. Thanks God I didn’t get a tattoo when I was a teenager though, I was then thinking of a sun on my lower back. Urgghhh.

For my first tattoo, I wanted something sophisticated and meaningful. I decided for “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine” which is a Song of Solomon. I had been inspired by Victoria Beckham. But I wanted mine to be unique so I asked a Japanese friend to translate it into her language for me. She said that it was very difficult but that she had got the meaning and that it was beautiful and very romantic. I absolutely wanted it to be Japanese because I cannot wait to visit this country one day.

I advise people who are thinking about having a tattoo to think big. If you have something tiny done, it will look like a beauty mark from far. If you are terrified to have something covering much of your skin, then sit together with the artist and make a plan. Start with a part and design it the way that you can continue the drawing later, once you are braver. Another mistake many people make is the placing of the tattoo. I have mine on the back so I never get bored of it. But if you have it on your front, you may get bored after a couple of years.

Making the perfect tattoo really is an art. I got mine done in my home country in Switzerland and it is so sharp even after all these years. My friend went to an other place and it was blurred ever since the very first day. So do lots of research before you decide for someone.

And about the pain: I had my back tattoo done in a session of 4,5 hours without any break. I almost fell asleep, you get in kind of trance. Just the tigers’ tales hurt because I have almost no body fat and they are right on top of my ribs.