This is why you must squat

If you want a firm butt and toned legs you have to squat anyways. But it is a great exercise to work all your body at once.

This is why you must squat

Many girls don’t like their butt. They want it to be firmer and rounder and they have somehow heard that they should squat. But before they start, they all have the same questions: Is squatting really the solution to my problem? How many squats a day should I make? And when will I see the results?

First of all, the answer is Yes: Squat is the number one cure for soft legs and a wobbly rear.

I know I know, now most of you want to ask me if squats make the legs look bigger. You can read the detailed answer here but to sum it up: No baby, squatting won’t make your legs bigger. It is the pizza, pasta, bread and the cookies that make them look big.

You need to separate two things: If you want thin legs, you have to watch your diet and do daily cardio in order to burn the fat. If you want nicely shaped legs, you need to squat.

Now why is squatting going to get you that ass you always wanted? Because the squat is a functional exercise that works the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, calves, lower back and core (especially if you do a front squat!) all at once.

My butt has definitely changed through squatting. That’s why I dedicated my nickname Squatgirl to this exercise. I started squatting without weights until I was perfectly sure to perform the exercise accurately right. It’s only then that I added the barbell and it became so much more fun. I used to lift more but feel that 60 kilos (including the barbell) is challenging enough for me these days because I want to drop until 90 degrees at least. I can literally feel all my muscles as I squat down and then push back up through my heels. I love it, it is an indescribable feeling!

If you haven’t squatted yet, you can find the instructions here. Start with 3 sets of 12 repetitions a day and slowly work your way up to 3 sets of 60 repetitions. Use the chair trick to make sure that you have a good posture while performing the exercise.

Of course you want to know when you will have that booty you are dreaming of. Well the the short answer is: one month. Now get up and squat because squatting makes the primary difference between just having a butt and having an ASS!