How much does Squatgirl eat?

People think I work out for hours and only eat a couple of carrot sticks and salad leaves. God No.

How much does Squatgirl eat?

People regularly get shocked when they see how much I eat. They have this idea that I eat tiny portions and work out all day. But the truth is that I eat huge amounts of food because eating is one of the best things in the world, right?

But: Food is not equal food. Sometimes I eat out somewhere and they serve me an omelette prepared just with two eggs but filled with sour cream and fried in a lot of oil. I regularly feel sick to the stomach and cannot eat for a couple of hours. On the other hand I can eat an omelette with 4 eggs and lots of greens on the side which is one of my favourite breakfasts before a badass workout when I really want to push myself to the limits.

So it is really about what you eat. You can eat lots of food if you choose the right ones. And you actually should eat tons because it not only makes you happy, it also speeds up your metabolism and gives you the necessary energy for your training.

Here is what my portions and choice of foods may look like for a day:

A smoothie bowl or chia-pudding with fresh strawberries for breakfast. I have two filter coffees with little milk and drink a big pot of herbal tea or a water with infused water.

For lunch I may have a quinoa salad with artichokes or an omelette with veggies and half an avocado.

I usually work out around 3pm. I like to have a quick bite like a homemade granola bar for quick energy. When I come back home, I am hungry and I don't want to wait until dinner of course. I may eat falafel to fuel my muscles with the necessary protein and carbs.

For dinner I love to have this favorite bulgur salad of mine. I serve it with feta cheese, fresh figs and corn cobs, almonds and lots of parsley. I definitely always have a dessert after dinner, but I make sure it is homemade.

I may eat even more than that. I just wanted to show you that if you don’t add sugar to your Chia pudding for example, you can eat a big bowl. I see tiny little containers in take-away places, I guess there are 3-4 table spoons of grains in them. But if you check the label, there is lots of added sugar. Basically you get more hungry after you ate it and you have fed your body unnecessary calories. It’s like with the omelette: it can be little and fatty or huge and packed with protein and healthy nutrients.