Low sugar vs high Sugar Fruits

Some fruits can be real calorie bombs. Here is the list of the low and high sugar fruits.

Low sugar vs high Sugar Fruits

Fruits are healthy and good for you because they are a great source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. But if you eat a kilo of grapes every day, that is definitely not going to help you keep a slim waist.

If you are very much overweight or suffer from Diabetes, you may have to choose fruits that are low in sugar over the ones that are high in sugar until your weight or blood sugar is in the normal range. Be careful with dried fruits too: they taste awesome. But in the end of the day they are little calorie bombs because the water has been extracted and what’s left is the concentrated carbs that come from sugar mostly.

But of course fresh fruits are way more healthy and lower in calories than some creamy fatty chocolate cake. So just eat fruit moderately and try to increase the amount of veggies in your diet instead.

LOW SUGAR FRUITS (per 100 g)
Avocado: 0.7 g
Lemon: 2.5 g
Strawberries: 4.9 g
Raspberries: 4.4 g
Watermelon: 6 g

Sweet Cherries: 13 g
Mango: 14 g
Banana: 14 g
Grapes: 16 g
Figs: 16 g