Quickie: Chia Puadding

Chia pudding is so healthy and there is nothing easier to prepare for breakfast literally. And hurray: even my kids are fond of it!

Quickie: Chia Puadding

The less time you spend in the kitchen the better, right? Especially if it’s morning and you are late to go to work. Instead of rushing out of the house with an empty stomach I suggest you prepare chia pudding the day before. It takes not more than three minutes and tastes heavenly.

All you need to do is mix the seeds with the kind of milk you like: Cow milk, almond milk, coconut or soy milk, they all taste great. My recipe is for two portions so that you have an other breakfast or snack ready in the fridge. These are the ingredients you need:

1/2 glass Chia Seeds

2 glasses of Milk of your choice 

2 Peaches with peel or if you have, use Mangos

10 Cashew Nuts

Pour the milk in a large bowl and stir in the chia seeds. Use a whisk now and then to prevent the seeds from clumping together. After 20 minutes the chia will have its pudding like texture. You may add water or milk if you prefer it more liquid. Distribute the pudding into two little bowls or jars. Wash the peaches thoroughly. I recommend you don’t peel them because there are so many nutrients that would go to waste. Cut the fruits into pieces and distribute them on top of the pudding. My kids prefer puree, you may blend the fruit as well. Then break the nuts into little pieces and scatter them on top of chia. We all love cashew nuts but of course coconut chips taste awesome too.

I hope you will love this easy breakfast as much as I do. It tastes so good and is so healthy. Personally, I am extremely grateful to have this vegetarian source of protein and omega-3 acids since I don’t eat meat or fish.

Chia ranks among the healthiest foods in the world. The grains were praised by the

Aztecs and Mayans as a valuable energy source. “Chia” was the word for “strength”.

Chia seeds are also suitable for people who want to lose weight. Since they contain a lot of dietary fibre, they make you feel full quickly and contain less calories than most of the other seeds.