Slim down 1 Size in 1 Month!

Becoming fit is so easy, I tell you. And if you now think “Yeah bitch, I tried twelve different diets and none of them worked”, then you are probably not the only one.

Slim down 1 Size in 1 Month!

But mind you, the five girls that just finished their Squatgirl Bootcamp with me will tell you exactly the same thing: IT IS EASY!

Before kicking off our bootcamp, we met for coffee to discuss my friends’ past experiences and their expectations from the month we would work together. All the five participants had done sports before but were not active at this point. Apart from Gülçin who was thin already and just needed to put on muscle, all the others wanted to lose weight and get stronger. They also had been on numerous diets but hadn’t gotten rid off some of the weight put on during their pregnancies.

The first thing I taught the girls was that their new life starts with a healthy diet. 60% of your success is defined by what you eat: it is pointless to sweat for one hour during your workout if then you go home and eat the wrong food. So I met them in front of Migros and we did food shopping together. Here is what we bought The healthy foods list.

The next step was to show my friends how much they can eat and that they actually should indulge because not eating is what makes you fat! If you starve yourself, your body slows down the metabolism in order to burn less calories. He will also burn lean muscle tissue and once you eat, he will stock all the food in form of fat deposits to be ready for the next hunger attack. Basically you can eat lots of the right food. We met at Piril’s house and prepared breakfasts healthy kick-off and snacks before and after together. They all loved the porridge that I cook without anything but some diet milk and one mashed banana. I sprinkle cinnamon and crushed walnuts on top and it tastes like dessert! By the end of this workshop, the girls had agreed on planning their culinary day ahead which implies filling boxes with homemade food and taking them to the office. In the beginning they thought that this was kind of hard, but once they got used to the idea, they just cooked a bit more the previous day and would take some of the food to work the next day.

The third workshop before starting with the training was about lunch and dinner. They came over to my house and tasted all the foods I usually eat. Everyone goes bananas for my salads. Imagine, my daughter asks if she can have some for breakfast and our helper who hasn’t eaten a salad in all her life eats more than me now! This is because I make rich salads with nuts, grains, seeds, cheese, avocado, fresh and dried fruits. Try my favourite lentil salad.

Once the girls had learned about healthy eating, we started our group lesson. Every morning we met at V3 Fitness and worked out together from 8 to 8:45 am. I wanted them to come in the morning rather than in the evening, because the risk that a meeting takes longer or that they get stuck in traffic is too high. They showed up Monday to Friday and on the week-ends they did the bootcamp at home. Additionally, they were supposed to do 50 minutes of cardio a day by themselves. After every lesson, we had our CONFESSION TIME where the girls would talk about the past day. That was always fun and it helped to form this incredible team spirit we developed. They motivated each other, sent pictures of the food they were eating through our Whatsapp group and cheered at progress photographs or quotes that had inspired them.

Our lessons were so much fun. We were dancing, jumping and squatting of course. I had designed a full body work-out and it was amazing to see how much stronger they became in just one week’s time. After 3,5 weeks (because of a national holiday we didn’t do the full month) we sat down and they showed off with their results. All of them had lost weight. But what was more important was their measurements: Except for Gülçin, ALL THE GIRLS HAD SLIMMED DOWN AT LEAST ONE SIZE.

It’s easy, I am repeating it. I am not a magician, I don’t sell any product and I don’t prescribe any diet. I am just a personal trainer who believes that sports has to be fun and food has to be yummy. Once you come to this conclusion and get into the routine of making sports a daily habit yourself, you will say: “Yep, she was right!”