Fast track Bodybuilding?

Which is the workout style that will bring you fastest results? Here are my experiences with bodybuilding.

Fast track Bodybuilding?

I LOVE bodybuilding! There is absolutely no way you can get the desired results faster than with bodybuilding. I lost 1,3 kg fat in less than a month and my friend who trained with Bodybuilding World Champion Serdar Aktolga lost 3 kg of fat while building up 3 kg of muscle mass in only four weeks of time.

Usually bodybuilding is associated with competitions where professionals appear in lineups, wearing bikinis or suits and perform specified poses which are ranked by judges, based on criteria such as symmetry, muscularity and conditioning. The athletes have to be extremely disciplined about their diet, supplements and work-out. In the final week of preparation prior to a competition, bodybuilders strive to fill out the muscles with the addition of carbohydrates, and at the same time reduce fluids in the body to remove every last bit of subcutaneous fluid in between the muscle and the skin to create the fullest and driest look possible. While these athletes appear to be at the highest level of physical fitness and health while they step on stage, they are actually often about to collapse due to lack of hydration and electrolyte imbalances caused by the lack of bodily fluids which has ended deadly in numerous cases.

I admire bodybuilders’ hard work and feel obviously flattered when Serdar Aktolga compliments me about my body. He says that he is deadly jealous because I am a natural, meaning that I have inherited great genes. While I certainly don’t have any of a bodybuilder’s ambitions, I nevertheless became one overnight. And you want to know why? Because I want to have perfect legs and a great butt in no time!

While my total body fat was quiet low (13,4%, 7.8 kg fat mass) when I had the measurements taken on 4th July, I wanted to decrease the fat and replace it with lean muscle mass before we were headed to the beach. I switched from my functional training plan to bodybuilding only. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do any cardio (you know I love kickbox) due to lack of time. I couldn’t leave the kids alone, so all I had was 4-5 hours a week. I used two of them for leg training, doing supersets of Squats (80 kg) and Deadlifts (60 kg) coupled with the usual leg press, lunges etc. Opposite to what most girls think, my legs didn’t become bigger but thinner because muscle tissue is much more dense than fat. You may understand better from this very illustrative picture.

On 1st August I had my measurements taken again and the results are striking: I put on 2 kg of lean muscle mass and brought down my body fat to 11.1% which means I lost 1,3 kg of fat. Since I didn’t have lots anyways, this is an amazing result.

So girls, if you want to get in shape in a short time, don’t go for Pilates but for bodybuilding. Please stop thinking that you will get bulky if you work with lots of weights. You won’t!