100 Reasons to be fit

There is more than a hundred reasons to work out. But I can definitely say that it is the most effective way to secure happiness and health without spending money at all.

100 Reasons to be fit
  1. to kick ass
  2. to play hide and seek without being out of breath
  3. to feel self confident when walking through the restaurant in that tight dress
  4. to look better naked
  5. to tell the shop assistant that i am a size 36
  6. not to be the boring girlfriend who is on a never ending diet
  7. to be in the best shape ever
  8. to feel dynamic and young
  9. to look at fashion models with no envy
  10. to burn more calories and eat that whole cheesecake
  11. to have that deep feeling of satisfaction when leaving the gym
  12. because clothes look so much better on me when i am in shape
  13. because i can get away by wearing cheap stuff
  14. because that muscle burn is amazing
  15. because i look younger
  16. because i get tons of compliments
  17. because i won’t ever care about bad hair
  18. because i want to be one of the girls who lift heavy
  19. because i am doing this for me and only for me
  20. because i love this lifestyle
  21. because sports is so much fun
  22. because healthy foods are so yummy
  23. because i love my body
  24. because i love to wear tights and tank tops
  25. to inspire others
  26. to fly
  27. to take boys’ breath away
  28. to hear little girls telling me that i am so beautiful
  29. to be the fittest if they ever organise that dreadful class reunion
  30. to have sex with neon light on
  31. to challenge my boyfriend to do push-ups
  32. to hear my boyfriend brag that his gal does pull-ups
  33. to have more energy at work
  34. to get most out of life
  35. to be in a great mood
  36. to look healthy and radiant
  37. to be strong
  38. to be proud of myself
  39. to be a role model for my kids
  40. to live a long life
  41. because i want and i will
  42. because sports is my mediation
  43. to be different
  44. to be the skinny bitch
  45. to wear a bikini in summer
  46. because it makes me incredibly happy
  47. because i want to rock
  48. because having guys staring at my abs rather than my boops is cool
  49. because i want to be smart and beautiful
  50. to look in the mirror and like what i see
  51. to stay fit when everybody else has come down with something
  52. to love myself more
  53. because the gym is my playground
  54. because i want to look young
  55. to beat my asthma and not let it beat me
  56. because strong is beautiful
  57. because sports is cheaper than therapy
  58. because my body is this incredible machine
  59. to push my boundaries
  60. because it’s never too late to become fit
  61. to protect myself
  62. because i finish what i start
  63. to be that crazy chick going to the gym every freaking day
  64. because i am my own competitor
  65. because health is a precious gift
  66. because i am not the finding-excuses-kind-of-a-person
  67. because i am too young to pile on fat and become comfortable
  68. to look toned
  69. to wake up and feel excited
  70. to shake my booty at the club all night
  71. because working out is more fun than sitting on the coach
  72. to reach my goals
  73. to feel proud
  74. to look good on pictures
  75. to get asked what supplements i use
  76. to have this adrenaline rush when lifting cold steel
  77. because mental work doesn’t tire me out
  78. because i look best after a workout
  79. because there are similar minded people at the gym
  80. because i love to listen to great music while training
  81. to be fit for life
  82. to drink full fat latte
  83. to eat pizza with good conscience
  84. to get that admiring look from my boyfriend
  85. because life quality matters
  86. because i don’t want to be average
  87. because i refuse to live a boring life
  88. because i want to be girly even when i am 50
  89. because i love the look in the guys’ faces when i lift more than they do
  90. because a day without sports feels unaccomplished
  91. because fitness is my lifestyle
  92. because i cannot imagine myself being fat
  93. to feel sexy
  94. because i would never buy shaped underwear
  95. because i love muscles
  96. because i want a sporty boyfriend
  97. to go on adventure holidays
  98. to do trekking
  99. to prove that everything is possible
  100. to feel at peace with myself