How long until I see Results?

If you ask me this question, whatever answer I will give – it is probably longer than you want it to be.

How long until I see Results?

Every person who trains hard and eats properly will get results. Some earlier, some later though. One very important factor is your genes. I am very fortunate for example, I guess I inherited them from my grand-father who had a six-pack at the age of 70!

If you have done sports earlier in your life, that is an other advantage because of the phenomenon called muscle memory. Guided by your brain, your body has learned before how to do certain movements and how to break down muscle tissue and then repair and rebuild it. That physiological knowledge lets you come back easier and faster than if you had to learn the exercise in the first place.

Other than that, there are factors which are the same for everyone, like the healthy diet. Even if you sweat blood every day, but then go home and eat the wrong foods, you won’t see the results you are striving for. So healthy eating has to become your Number 1 priority if you want to see results fast.

The second factor is cardio: If you want to be lean and toned, there is no way around cardio. You have to move! I suggest 50 minutes of brisk walking every day for people who want to lose weight.

And yet I know that you are not happy with my article because you want a time frame. Here we go… If you 1) exercise 20 to 60 minutes, three to five days a week and 2) eat a healthy diet the way I have described it here The healthy Food List, you will notice results after one month. After two months, your friends will notice the change and after three months everyone will tell you that you look fantastic.

There is three months left until summer!