4 Exercises for the perfect Butt

Working out at home is great because you save time and you feel cosy and comfortable. So let's get you started!

4 Exercises for the perfect Butt

I didn’t say mine is perfect ahaha, but I promise that these exercises are the killer if you want a firm, round buttocks. I chose four classic exercises and added some twist to every move to make the exercises more intense.

Plyometric Lunge

Let’s start with the most difficult one. If you can do plyometric lunges, the rest of the workout will be a piece of cake for you. Place both your feet firm on the ground and take a big step with your left foot. Then bend your knee to 90 degrees, your back is leaning slightly forward and you are facing a point across with your chin lifted up. Now exhale and jump while bringing your arms up over your head. Switch your leg position while you are in the air and land on your feet softly. Now your right foot is in front of you.

3 plyometric lunge plyometric lunge

Sumo Squat

You know how much I love squats. But then I don’t do just the classic one. The Sumo squat is awesome if you want to concentrate on your inner thighs. Stand with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart, your toes are pointing out. Now push your hips back and squat down. Make sure that your knees are aligned with your feet, they shouldn’t drift inwards at any point of the exercise. When your thighs are parallel with the floor, hold the stretch for a bit and push back up through your heels while exhaling.

sumo squat 7 8 sumo squat hareketi

Table Top Leg Extensions

Sit on the yoga mat and place your hands behind your butt. Then lift your hips until your body is parallel to the floor. Your head is looking up to the ceiling so that it forms a straight line with your spine and thighs. Your knees are bent at 90 degrees. Now you lift your right leg and extend it until your shins are parallel to the floor too. Slowly lower it back to starting position and repeat with the left leg.

table exercise table top exercise

One legged Downward Dog

Move about one step forward with your arms, your legs are straight. Now lift your right leg up, your heel my come off the floor. If you can keep it down then that’s great, but since we are not doing Yoga here it is fine the other way too. Important is that you exhale while lifting the leg and that your face is looking in direction of your left foot so that the body forms a long straight line. Slowly lower your leg and repeat on the other side.

Doris Hofer Doris Hofer