Motivation: No more excuses!

When it comes to finding excuses not to work out, most people are real champions.

Motivation: No more excuses!


Many women ask me how I manage to spend time with my kids, work at the office, write my blog and train every day. The answer is simple: I set priorities and plan my day. While other girls go to the hairdresser, I am at the gym.

For some reason, people think that I am working out for hours and hours, but I don’t: 45-60 minutes is more than enough. I bet you have that stretch of time and if you don’t, you could break it up into shorter sessions: Some activity is better than none.

Let’s have a look at the most popular excuses. I have followers telling me that they cannot afford a membership at a gym. You don’t need to go to a fitness facility, you can work out everywhere! Step out of your house and run, go for a walk in the forest or at the seaside. There are dozens of exercises that you can do with your own bodyweight, you don’t need dumbbells or machines.

„I don’t have time“ is a sentence I hear a lot too. But that very same individual watches a serial every night from 10 to 11 pm. So it’s not about the time really, it’s about the priorities. If you happen to be that person and you are not willing to give up on your show – fine. But please consider placing a treadmill in front of television and use resistance bands or some dumbbells for strength training while watching.

„I am too tired“ is an other cause, people don’t make it to the gym. You may be surprised but working out will actually give you a power kick because of the increased oxygen flow and the feel-good hormones that your body produces. You will leave the gym all energized and happy. If the chances that you get stuck at work are high, you may consider working out in the morning before you go to the office or during your lunch break.

Being a mum is a tough job, we all agree on that. If your kids don’t go to school and you don’t have anyone to look after them for an hour, do sports together with them. I used both Zoe and Noah as a dumbbell when they were babies and they loved it. You can also put your toddler in the stroller and walk briskly to the playground. While your child is playing you may do some squats or lunges nearby.

„Exercise is so boring!“ is usually expressed with a deep-drawn sigh. Get some friends or a personal trainer to work out with you. Or if you cannot last at the gym, go outdoors and run, bike or inline skate. Find an activity you love.

Maybe you were once quite fit but then you had an operation or a baby and you ended your sports career. „I cannot get myself to start again!“ may be what you feel. A good way to get back on track may be evening walks with your partner or friend, swimming in the pool and some push-ups and squats in the privacy of your home.

If you are one of those candidates who become members at a gym, go three times and then drop out, you should look for a training buddy or work with a personal trainer who checks up on you. Also set goals that are short term and realistic. Just attending the gym is already a success!