Planning to lose Weight

Most people wouldn't mind to lose a little weight but it seems to be so damn difficult. It's not! The key is to plan your day and pack homemade food into your bag.

Planning to lose Weight
Planning to lose Weight

Nowadays it’s not just actors and singers that lead a fast life. All our agendas are cram-full, we run from one meeting to the other and are busy taking our kids to their private lessons. Our stressful jobs and busy social lives force us to eat on the go which can affect our digestion and lead to weight gain, especially if we eat unbalanced foods.

There is a very simple way towards a healthier lifestyle, whether you are a working mother or a banker who sits at a desk all day. The key word is MARMALADE JAR. What I suggest is that you pack a bag with your breakfast, lunch and snacks so that you don’t have to eat greasy foods at the restaurant or accept the chocolate bar your friend offers because your blood sugar dropped drastically.

Plan your day ahead and calculate how many meals you will spend outside the house. Me for example, I cannot eat breakfast right away. I need two cups of coffee first. I get hungry around 10 am and if I am not home anymore, I take my oatmeal with me because I definitely don’t want to eat Simit or Pogaça.

Here is what I packed into my bag for a day out today:

BREAKFAST: I soaked oatmeal in almond milk and added dried cranberries and fresh apricots. This will keep me full until lunch time. And remember, I had two full fat latte in the morning. Coffee really makes my day!

LUNCH: Last night I had prepared a Quinoa salad. It’s a very simple recipe with rucola, dried tomatoes, olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice, salt and pepper. Probably you won’t have time or energy to cook in the morning, so just cook a bigger portion the evening before.

SNACK 1: I peeled three cucumbers. Peppers, fennel, carrots and cherry tomatoes are good choices and easy to pack too.

SNACK 2: Dried figs, persimmon slices and cashew nuts give me energy before working out. I drink lots of water and eat them two hours before going to sports.

It takes me just 4 minutes to prepare my food bag. Don’t forget the spoon, fork and napkin so that you can eat anywhere. If your colleague at work doesn’t stop staring at your muesli with envy, make one for her as well. She will be so happy and may also start showing up at the office with jars some time soon.