Skinny Legs guaranteed!

You do your squats and lunges and you are careful about what you eat but no matter how hard you try, your legs just wouldn’t firm up a single inch? Then listen very carefully to what I have to say because I used to have big legs too.

Skinny Legs guaranteed!

I couldn’t close the zipper of any of my boots despite wearing cloth size 36. But nowadays my legs are thin and nicely shaped and of course I wear all the mini skirts I didn’t wear in my 20ties!

So here is what I did…

1) I added cardio to my workouts.

I used to really hate cardio. Let’s face it: after you worked out for 45 minutes, you simply don’t want to spend an other half an hour on that treadmill. While lifting is lots of fun, cardio is sooo boring. That’s why I started separating cardio from my weight training. I usually walk in the mornings and go to the gym later on in the afternoon.

2) I lifted heavier.

Body weight exercises are all great, but if you want to build muscle, you need to lift heavy. My golden rule is: 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions and the last two movements should be done with lots of effort. Sometimes my legs or arms start shaking and this is exactly when the body is actually building muscle.

3) I ate healthier desserts.

I used to cheat quite a lot on week-ends. There is nothing wrong with eating sweets now and then. But I came to the point where I looked at the Nutella glass with disgust. That thing is basically coconut oil mixed with sugar, urgghhhhhh. I started baking oatmeal muffins or protein truffles for the week-end. When I crave sweets during the week, I make a quick healthy ice-cream in the blender.

4) I ate more fat.

I don’t know how I could live without avocado before. It makes every salad, every kinoa bowl and every smoothie so rich and tasty. Sometimes I eat half, sometimes I eat a whole avocado by myself. I also love munching raw and salt free nuts. Cajun nuts are my absolute favourite. I eat them with some dried apricots for dessert or as a healthy snack.

5) I ate more protein.

There were times when I didn’t get enough protein into my diet. I was working out hard but my body couldn’t build any muscle due to protein shortage. I added lots of egg whites, diet yoghurt and protein powder to my menu and I could literally see my muscles grow. If you are not a vegetarian as I am, lean meat and wild fish is a great source of protein too.

6) I had patience.

We all have different body types and due to genetics some of us will get results faster than others. But: Everyone can get fit! It doesn’t happen after a couple of days. You will see first results after about a month of healthy eating and training. If your legs are big, probably all the weight you gain will go straight to your legs and when you get fit, your legs will get lean only after the rest of your body is toned already. So just hang in there, be a little patient and enjoy your healthy lifestyle meanwhile.