Homemade Detox Teas

Once you start drinking fresh tea, you cannot go back to conventional tea bags. You can prepare your own mixes.

Homemade Detox Teas

I have already written about diet teas http://squatgirl.com/en/lose-weight-by-drinking-tea/ but this is about detox teas. It’s winter and we are finding it hard to drink 2-3 litres a day so herbal teas are a great alternative to water. What’s more, detox teas can help you to boost your immune system and wash out the harmful toxins in your body.

I am using lots of fresh ingredients that taste marvellous and have positive effects on our body but also mind and soul. Personally I think that having a cup of tea (I like the big mugs) is such a relaxing activity. It’s like you are having a time-out from your busy schedule. I don’t know if you have been in Japan but there, preparing tea is a whole ceremony with particular rules and it is considered an art.

Try my favourite recipes and feel free to share yours.

Vitamin Bomb

1/2 liter boiling water

1 teaspoon Rooibos Tea (or 1 tea bag)

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

1 tablespoon fresh cranberry Juice

Good Morning

1/2 liter boiling water

1 teaspoon Green Tea (or 1 tea bag)

2 slices cucumber

2 slices lemon

Ayurveda Tea

1/2 liter boiling water

1/4 teaspoon coriander seeds

1/4 teaspoon fennel seeds

1/4 teaspoon cumin seeds

Squatgirl Favourite

1/2 liter boiling water

1/2 cup fresh peppermint leaves

2 slices lemon

2 fresh ginger coins

Sweet Dream

1/2 liter boiling water

1 teaspoon Rooibos Tea (or 1 tea bag)

2 slices fresh orange

2 slices fresh apple

1 cinnamon stick

Mountain Tea

1/2 later boiling water

1 tablespoon Sage tea (Adaçayi)

2 slices fresh lemon

1 teaspoon stevia leaves (or syrup)

Boil the water and pour it in a teapot. Add the ingredients and allow the mixture to steep for five minutes. You can squeeze the juice out of the fruits before you strain the solution and fill the tea in your cup.