Healthy Chocolate Pralines

All our family is crazy about cashew nuts so I thought I would turn some into pralines.

Healthy Chocolate Pralines

You know my principles: I don’t use butter, sugar or flour in my desserts. And this one is the best dessert I have ever done according to my boyfriend Kerem. I made a tray full of pralines on Friday and had him try Saturday morning. On Sunday morning he begged me to make an other load! So you may want to prepare a double portion if you are expecting guests over.

These are the ingredients you need for about 16 pieces:

1 cup oatmeal

1 cup hazelnuts

1 cup water

1 cup dates

3 table spoons dark chocolate powder

60 gr dark chocolate

16 cashew nuts

This really is such an easy peasy recipe. Just fill all the ingredients except for the dark chocolate and the cashew nuts into a blender and mix until you get a batter. It should have the consistency of a conventional cake batter.

Fill the mixture on a baking sheet and spread it into a square form. Then freeze for about 3 hours. Don’t forget your batter in the freezer! Take it out and cut squares. Melt the chocolate in a bowl which is bathing in cooking water. Brush your pralines with the chocolate coating and top each of them with a cashew nut. Then put them into the fridge (not the freezer) to cool down.