My Workout NO:1

I never do the same workout twice because every day is different: Sometimes I am full of energy and really want to slay it, sometimes I need just Yoga or stretching. Here is my workout from the gym the other day.

My Workout NO:1
My Workout NO:1

My workout is all built around the kickbox lessons which mean so much to me. I have them Wednesdays and Fridays which means that I shouldn’t work out arms or shoulders the day before. So I usually train legs on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Mondays I work out triceps, back and ABS. Thursday chest, shoulders and biceps. Saturdays and Sundays I rest.

WARM-UP: 2 minutes Rowing, 8 Chin-Ups

LEGS: 2×15 Squat Kicks to Punching Bag, 3x8x60kg Barbell Squats, 2x12x210kg Leg Press, 2x12x170kg Deadlifts, 2×2 Rows of Walking Lunges with 16kg alternating with 2x15 Box Jumps, 2xBalancing with one Leg up on Bosu
ABS: 2×6 Toe-To-Bar, 3×8 Crunches hanging on Punching Bag, 3x15x15kg Russian Twist
CARDIO: 15 min Interval Running
STRETCHING: Bridge, Right and left Split, general Stretching