4 Exerises for ripped ABS

Foam rollers are a great investment because you can relax your muscles but also work your ABS.

4 Exerises for ripped ABS

I hope that you got yourself a foam roller by now, it’s a great investment. If you haven’t read it yet, here is a blog where I explain the benefits and techniques of foam rolling Foamroller for Wellness at home But you know what? These foam rollers are not only great for self-massage to release muscle tightness, they are super fun to use if you want a ripped midsection by summer.

Do the following four exercises for one minute each. If you are determined to get results fast, you may do up to four rounds preferably on 3 days of the week. Of course I want to mention one more time that with this exercises you are sculpting your muscles but if you don’t get rid off that fat layer, they won’t show. So you better combine this program with a healthy diet and lots of cardio.

Let’s get started…

1) Rolling

Doris Hofer Doris Hofer

Sit on a yogamat with a straight back. Place the foam roller under your feet and start rolling it back and forth slowly. When your thighs are about to touch your upper body, you go back to the start position. Try to keep your balance without getting support from your arms, best is if you place them on your thighs.

2) Russian Twist

Russian Twist russian twist

Your back is straight again, you lean slightly back and cross your feet in front of you. Lift them off the floor and make sure that they don’t swing out while you move your torso from the left to the right side. You are holding the foam roller between your stretched out arms, drawing a half circle while turning your upper body.

3) Crunch

mekik crunch

Lay down with your back and your feet placed on the mat in a 30 degrees angle to your thighs. Hold the foam roller between your stretched arms which are above your chest. Then lift your shoulder blades off the floor and come up with a round back. You are looking at the foam roller, your neck is relaxed and you are exhaling while coming up, inhaling when going back to the start position.

4) Side Crunch

Lay on your side. Stretch the left leg and place your right knee in front of you on the floor. The foam roller is under your waist. Now put your hands behind your head without pulling your neck and lift your torso up sideways as high as you can. Then lower back to the floor until your elbow almost touches the floor.

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