Office Workout for business people

You spend all day at the office and when you finally get out you are simply too tired to hit the gym? If this is the case, you should definitely work out at the office.

Office Workout for business people
Office Workout for business people

We spend most of our time working at the office. That’s why people say they don’t make it to the gym: too tired, traffic, family. There is a simple solution to becoming fit anyway, from now on you will work out at the office!

You can do some of the exercises without your colleagues even noticing it. Squeeze your abs while sitting in front of the computer for example or swivel your chair while you are on the phone. But it’s not just the tummy muscles you can train, go for a full body workout without leaving your office. All you need is a chair and a wall. Be creative and use the water bottles, ring binder or waste bin as equipment.

To be truly successful you should empty your drawers and throw away all those crackers and chocolate bars you possibly stock there. I am strictly against any form of diet but in the end it’s simple maths: If you want to loose weight, you have to burn more calories than you consumed.

Try to make these exercises as often as possible. And who knows, maybe your colleague will ask you to show him or her and join your training!

Desk Chair Swivel. Hold desk with two fingers only, turn to the left and to the right. 3 Sets, 15 repetitions each side.

Leg Raises with Waste Bin. 3 Sets, 12 Repetitions

ABS Squeeze. Hold for 10 Seconds, 3 times

Wall-Sits. Hold for 20-60 Seconds, 3 times

Standing Leg-Curl. 3 Sets, 12 Repetitions on left, 12 on right

Calf-Raises. 3 Sets, 12 Repetitions on left, 12 on right

Desk-Squat. Sit without your chair. Hold for 10-30 Seconds, 3 times

Train Adductors with a ring binder or ball. Squeeze it with your knees and hold for 30 Seconds, 3 times

Biceps-Curls with Water Bottles. 3 Sets, 12 Repetitions

Desk-Pushups. 3 Sets, 12 Repetitions

Chair-Dips. 3 Sets, 12 Repetitions

Shoulder Shrugs with Water Bottles. 3 Sets, 12 Repetitions

Shoulderblade Squeeze. 3 Sets, 12 Repetitions