How I got my Six-Pack?

I find it cool to have a six-pack because in summer guys stare at my abs and not my cleavage.

How I got my Six-Pack?

There were times where I believed that just guys can get one. Don’t ask me why I thought that because it’s just so wrong. But as a fact, it is more rare. You look at these slim models and they all have a flat tummy, but they never have their abs actually showing. This is because they don’t have lots of muscles, they just have a low body fat percentage. Personally, I think that a gal with a six-pack is extremely sexy and I am very proud to have one. How I did it? I am eating healthily and I work out properly.

These are the most important steps for you to work towards a six-pack:

DON’T DRINK ALCOHOL. Alcohol is made by fermenting and distilling natural starch and sugar and therefore contains lots of calories. In fact, a pint of lager contains the same amount of calories as a large slice of pizza (197 cal), a glass of wine as many as a piece of cake (195 cal).

DO DRINK WATER. Don’t drink orange juice, even if it’s freshly pressed. In the end of the day it’s sugar. Regular Coke is forbidden of course. Try to avoid Diet Coke and Coke Zero even though they don’t have sugar – sweeteners are no good for you and we prefer to get our caffeine dose with coffee.

DON’T EAT DESSERT. They are loaded with saturated fats and sugar. Some people think that it’s great to eat fresh or dried fruit, but if you are working on melting off that fat layer over your belly, you should stay away from those too. Fruits are water and sugar!

EAT LOTS OF VEGETABLES. Get your vitamins and anti-oxidants as well as your carbs from vegetables. Use a little olive oil and lots of fresh herbs to season them. Eat them raw too so you don’t have any vitamin loss. Make sure to get seasonal veggies.

INCREASE YOUR PROTEIN INTAKE. Eat lean meat or white fish. Egg whites are a good source too. If you are a vegetarian, go for peas and lentils. Instead of eating too much cheese which is loaded with fat, you may add protein shakes to your menu. Proteins are crucial for your body to build up muscle.

AVOID TOO MANY CARBS. People think that they need to eat rice, pasta or potatoes in order to get enough carbs. But vegetables are carbs too. Lentils for example are high in carbs and protein and contain almost no fat.

DO CARDIO. Run in the forest, swim in the sea or ride your bicycle. If you are a morning person, do your cardio before breakfast because you will burn even more calories! If you do your cardio at the gym, go for interval trainings 3 to 5 times a week. They should last 30-45 minutes.

WORK OUT WITH A TRAINER. Even if I post hundred pictures describing the exercises, you won’t get the results you will if you have someone professional next to you, correcting and motivating you. I am not saying that you need to work out with a trainer always, but until you have learned how to do the exercises correctly. If you don’t have money to take personal lessons, ask the staff at the gym to assist you. And if they don’t, grab the guy or the girl with the six-pack and ask him or her for help.

WORK WITH WEIGHTS. You need to challenge your body. When you are about to die (meaning you start shaking or you think you cannot do any other repetition), you need to continue for a little bit. Because this is when your body gets to understand that the current muscles are not enough and that he needs to build up more.

DO THE MOVEMENTS SLOWLY. I see lots of people swinging on different machines. This is mostly because they don’t put enough weights and because they don’t feel every single muscle they are activating through the movement. But: When working with weights it is really important to do it correctly in order to avoid accidents. So we come back to the point where you should work with a trainer until you got the routine.

If you do all the things mentioned here, it’s a matter of time until you will show off with your six-pack.