Parygirl on Diet: Calories in alcohol

You decided to lead a healthy lifestyle but when you go out with your friends, you feel you should order a drink too. What is the healthiest decision you can make?

Parygirl on Diet: Calories in alcohol

You are on a date and the guy asks you what you want to drink. You may THINK “Oh shit, these drinks will ruin my diet” but you will SAY: “Vodka sounds great.” He will be very surprised because he expects you to order a Pina Colada, a Cosmopolitan or a Martini. “Vodka Redbull??” he will ask in disbelief. “On the rocks”, is what you reply. I guarantee you will have his full attention for the rest of the evening. And you will have gotten away with the least possible calories. By the way, you may also order gin, rum, whiskey or tequila instead – they all contain an average of 98 calories per serving.

Champagne with 84 calories would be even less but then you are the chic chick right away. If you want him to see you that way, fine. A glass of red wine is about 96 calories, so don’t be stressed if he takes you to the Italian restaurant. Needless to say that you shouldn’t order the Vodka in that kind of location!

There are lots of guys who will appreciate if you order a beer (don’t ever ask if they have light, that is only okay for coke). If you sit in a pub and watch his favorite football team, yeaaaayy you will be the Number 1 conversation topic when he meets up with his buddies. Just keep in mind that you will have to keep drinking beer and watching football, otherwise he will blame you to have tricked him into marriage or whatever relationship model you are at this point.

I don’t understand the girls who order Pina Coladas. Did they ever bother to find out how many calories they are sipping at? I will tell you: 460! A full piece of Original Cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory counts 710 and that is at least worth it.

One more piece of advice: If you go to a party, don’t start explaining that you are so much into sports these days and that you definitely don’t want to ruin your workout with alcohol. They will hate you! So just grab a glass from that tablet and drop it somewhere later. And if they bring shots in fluorescent colors you are fully entitled to say No. If the shots are pure Tequila, drink it in one gulp.

Now if you are not on a date but out with girlfriends, you may choose to be the sporty bitch rather than to drink along. Alcohol inhibits fat burning in your body which means that more fat will be stored and that your weight can increase significantly. There are lots of other bad side effects like dehydration and decrease of testosterone. So if it’s not for a good looking guy – stay away from it.

Look how happy I am just posing with Champagne, I swear I didn’t drink it!