Sweet Breakfast for Two

Some people cannot stand the smell and taste of eggs. My daughter is one of them but she likes eggs with raspberries.

Sweet Breakfast for Two
Sweet Breakfast for Two

Some people, including my daughter Zoe, hate the smell of eggs. If you are one of them you may love this recipe because the taste of eggs is fully masked and breakfast cannot get any healthier than this.

Check out the ingredients’ list:

6 egg whites

3 tablespoons oatmeal

1 mashed banana

1 pinch of cinnamon

1 handful of frozen raspberries

Crack the eggs into a frying pan, you will use the whites only. Add the oatmeal and mashed banana and mix the ingredients. Then cook on low fire until your scrambled eggs are cooked. You may have added the cinnamon before or do it now. Scrap the eggs into a bowl and add the raspberries on top. It doesn’t matter if they are still frozen. Once you mix them with the scrambled eggs, they will defrost right away.

This portion is ideal for me or for my two kids. If you are a sportsman you may not have enough with this breakfast.