The healthiest Breakfasts ever

As a child I didn't like breakfast because the only option was bread with marmalade. But now it is my favorite meal, sometimes I have a second breakfast instead of lunch.

The healthiest Breakfasts ever

I am in love with bowls of any kind. Chia bowls, acai bowls, oatmeal bowls, nice-cream bowls, quinoa bowls. They are simply more delicious than something that comes in a plate! My absolute two favourites are chia and oatmeal bowls with berries and pomegranate. They do not only taste like dessert, they are also super healthy. Let me tell you why.

Why is Chia good for you?
Chia means “strength” in the ancient Mayan language. If you check the nutrition values on the package, you will see that one portion which is about four table spoons (50 grams) of chia seeds contains 8 grams of protein. 15 grams are fat, but almost half of it are Omega-3 fatty acids which are said to lower heart disease rates, inflammation and risk for cancer. 22 grams are carbohydrates which may sound like a lot, but it is not because 19 grams are (both soluble and insoluble) fibre. Fibre is what makes those grains absorb lots of water and swell to pudding consistency. Because of all the fibre, your blood sugar level doesn’t spike which will keep you satisfied for a long time. But there is even more to chia seeds: They are important for your beauty. Since these little grains are loaded with antioxidants, they protect you from free radicals which can damage your skin cells. Last but not least, a portion of chia pudding counts only 245 calories which is an other great reason to have this yummy bowl for breakfast.

How did I prepare my Pudding?
1/2 cup chia seeds (50 grams)
1,5 cups almond milk
1 table spoon vanilla protein powder (or some vanilla seeds)
3 table spoons blueberries
3 table spoons pomegranate seeds
I mixed the seeds with protein powder because it adds some sweetness. Personally I like it without too but my beloved ones definitely ask for that vanilla flavour. I have bought an organic one in the US. I made sure it is pure milk protein, so that I can share it with my children. I poured the milk into the bowl and mixed now and then. After ten minutes the puddings were ready. I topped my pudding with fresh berries and that’s it. Preparing breakfast couldn’t get any easier!

yulaf ezmesi
Why is Oatmeal good for you?
Oatmeal is my Number 1 carb. I love it love it love it. I use oatmeal to bake bread, cakes or pralines – oatmeal is the perfect substitute for flour. But there is nothing that tastes better than a hearty oatmeal bowl. As chia, oatmeal is a great fibre source and loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Soluble fibres slow down the digestion speed, hence lower cholesterol and blood glucose levels which in the end makes us feel full for longer. Insoluble fibre on the other hand cannot be absorbed by the body. Its purpose is to make waste softer so it can be processed through the intestines more easily. With 30 grams of carbohydrate in 50 grams of oats, porridge is a perfect breakfast choice to kickstart your day. Despite a lot of carbs, there is only 178 calories in 50 grams of oats, so enjoy!

How do I love my Oats?
1/2 cup oats (50 grams)
1,5 cups skimmed milk
1 ripe banana
3 table spoons blueberries
3 table spoons pomegranate seeds
I mashed the banana with a fork, then poured it to a pan together with the milk and the oats. I boiled them for about 3-5 minutes until the grains got really soft. I like to have my porridge with fresh berries because it adds a juicy freshness that I adore.

Both these breakfasts take at most 5 minutes to prepare.