Kick Butt and burn maximum calories

Are you wondering how you could burn lots of calories while having fun? I think you may want to start kickboxing.

Kick Butt and burn maximum calories

Sometimes I feel kind of guilty to kick the shit out of my teacher. But Mikail just laughs and tells me it is fine. Right, probably it’s better to have some amateur girl throwing punches at you than have your nose broken in a match. I discovered kickboxin my old gym. Imagine this very cool fight club with a huge ring in the middle and lots of Crossfit equipment around. I used to take lessons from Turkish World Champion Birol Topuz and then changed to his very talented student Ahmet Kayretli who is in the US now and will hopefully come back with the UFC belt.

It was the first time, I practiced sports other than weight lifting and it felt like I was reaping the fruit of my labour. I was strong and fit, I just needed to become quicker. In the beginning I did too much of thinking, but once you let go and just concentrate on the movement, you automatically do the right thing. I understood how important it is to do something additional to weight training. If you just lift, you become unflexible, even if you are very supple. Think of animals, the elephant is strong but we don’t want to be him, right. We rather prefer to have the muscularity and the suppleness of a tiger. Kickbox is perfect to reach this goal and there are lots of more reasons why I chose Kickbox as my sports:

FUN. You cannot imagine how much fun it is unless you have done it. Of course it depends on your teacher as well. Mine is great, you should see how happy he gets when I have learned a new move or when I finally block his punch =)

HAPPINESS. Kickboxing helps you release endorphins which will give your mood a boost. You will feel happier and more positive even several hours after the workout.

ENERGY BOOST. Your body and mind will get an energy boost because you’ll be breathing hard and sweating out all the toxins.

COORDINATION. You will learn to improve your reflexes and coordination skills.

CONFIDENCE. I hope I will never have to punch anyone but if so, I will at least know how to defend myself without breaking my own bones.

CROSS-TRAINING. Kickbox really is a full body workout. You work your upper body, core and legs.

POSTURE. With Mikail, we always add some ABS exercise to strengthen our core muscles and we do lots of stretching which is awesome after a day spent at my desk.

CALORIES. Kickbox is a high-power cardio routine which keeps my heart pumping trough out the lesson. I never measured, but due to studies I should burn between 700 and 800 calories per hour which is more than on the treadmill that I find so boring anyways.